Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Summer Internship/Scholarship

Parley Yang, a student at Oxford, is interning as a Quant Analyst for Vector Capital Group. He brings a wide range of knowledge in academia into financial practice, ranging from functional analysis in pure mathematics to statistical selection and visualisation. 

Parley, tell us a little a little bit about yourself and your background..

I first started trading in 2010 in China as part of my family business at which time I developed an interest in the foreign exchange market and structured investment. I then moved to Britain to study BSC Mathematics and Economics at Warwick University. After that I went to Cambridge to study Economic Research and I am now at Oxford studying Statistics. 

What is your role at Vector Capital Group?

When I first started at Vector Capital Group my focus was back-testing and data scraping in order to come up with a brilliant strategy. I am currently trying to refine the strategy and get it up and running - with the end goal to get it live on the trading account.

What attracted to you work at Vector Capital?

The entrepreneurial environment here is completely unique and very beneficial for me - it’s an experience that I wouldn't necessarily get by joining a larger company at entry level. Here I get to sit next to the CEO and Senior Advisor, we have a very detailed communication on a daily basis. I am gaining direct knowledge, from highly experienced individuals, with over 20 years of industry experience. For me that is super exciting!

What key take-aways do you have from your time spent working at Vector Capital Group?

Firstly, I have gained experience with data-past, coding, computer efficiency and the execution of trades. I have also gained knowledge from being exposed to the financial markets and having experienced people lead me. I particularly benefited from being mentored by Imran Lakha and it has taught me how to take the academic and apply it on a practical level. Working alongside people like Sezer and Imran has given me a very real feel for how a start-up functions and how a small financial institution is managed as a business. 

What are your future plans?

I will of course complete my studies and hope to grow alongside Vector Capital Group as they continue to expand.

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