Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Together We Will End Homelessness 

Charity is something that Vector Capital Group’s CEO, Sezer Sherif, invests a lot of time and energy into personally and as such it is deeply ingrained into the company’s culture. The No Sleeping Rough campaign and Crisis UK are two causes that Vector Capital Group actively supports. Our close relationship with Crisis UK dates back to 2009 when Sezer first started actively campaigning against homelessness. His endeavours included spending five nights sleeping rough on the streets of London, an experience which he describes as ‘a constant fear for your life and humbling’ and which successfully raised £4,718 amount. This year, with the festive season fast approaching, the Vector Capital Group team will be taking to the streets armed with Christmas Hampers in a bid to help those who do not have a roof over their heads, survive the winter. 

There is more that each of us can do to help the thousands of homeless people in the UK. Visit to donate, or find out how you can be more involved in the campaign. 

Supporting Young People In The Community

In addition to supporting Crisis UK, Vector Capital Group also sponsors a church youth football team called ‘Stoke Newington Seventh-day Adventist Church, ‘Stokey’’. They are an inspirational brotherhood that took the Seventh-day Adventist league by storm. ‘Stokey’, as they are affectionately known, won two league titles and were the winners of the first ever Jamaica National sponsored cup. 

“The team has changed over the years, but the brotherhood and unity remains the same. We promote love, kindness, honesty, perseverance and unity. None of this would be possible without God in our midst. Before every game we have a word of prayer; not only for ourselves but for our opponents and officials as well. Whether the Stokey young men are SDA members or not, they all respect that we put God first in every game we play”

Ade Banjo - team manager.

At Hackney Marshes, commonly known as the home of football, this team has built a reputation as being ‘the gentle giants’. To-date, they have never had to fight, kick or curse another team to achieve victory and they remain graceful in defeat. These are some of the characteristics that the Stokey SDA young men demonstrate week in week out and which that they instil in every  new team mate. 

By sponsoring Stokey FC, Vector Capital Group has the privilege of helping to support young people in the community to be inspirational and have a focus on positive directions away from potentially harmful influences that they would otherwise be exposed to.

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