Vector Capital Group To Collect Global Excellence Award

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

We are delighted to announce that Sezer Sherif and Vector Capital Group AG are recipients within Acquisition INTL magazine’s renowned 2020 Global Excellence Awards, for:

'Most Innovative Quantitative Trading Company 2020'

In today’s complex economic environment, it is crucial for the world’s leading businesses and enterprises to be represented by only the best in financial leadership. The Global Excellence Awards reward the commitment, innovation and determination of the world’s best finance pioneers.

Recent years have seen the role of the CEO evolve, and financial leaders are now expected to be fully equipped with skills ranging from portfolio management and capital allocation, to investor communications and business pragmatism. CEOs are notable for driving the direction of their organisations, using their expertise to steer the company in the right direction in today’s challenging economic landscape. 

The award's merit-driven approach, ensures that each nominee is assessed purely on their commitment and excellence and only the most deserving receive an Acquisition International’s accolade. It recognises the very best in the business, from single office firms to multinational corporations, and celebrates those that are innovating, growing, improving and succeeding in their endeavours. 

"The award is something we are very proud of. In a highly competitive market it says a lot for a small company to have achieved so much in such a small space of time. Our team is built on highly experienced and inspirational individuals, we’ve grown with a complimenting drive and focus that I am confident will only continue to set our achievements higher over the coming years"

Sezer Sherif,  CEO & Founder

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