Since Vanguard Capital AG officially launched in July 2018, the company has gone from strength-to-strength, fast becoming one of the sector’s leading algorithmic trading firms. Our core focus is creating high yielding algorithms with an emphasis on next generation machine learning and artificial intelligence. Innovation remains at the heart of all that we do and drives us to continuously set new industry standards.

We pride ourselves on being a forward-thinking company providing our clients with the highest levels of ethical standards, compliance and product offering. We are therefore very pleased to announce the acquisition of a UK FCA regulated investment firm, in a step to advance our group structure. 

Vanguard Capital Group Limited will sit alongside the Chicago Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) regulation, National Futures Association (NFA) membership and membership to the UK’s Alternative Investment Managers Association (AIMA). This dynamic advancement comes as the investment sector continues to develop industry regulations and will propel Vanguard Capital to a new level.

“Vanguard Capital is built by a team of reputable traders who boast extensive experience within the regulated arena. It is, therefore, natural that we see this acquisition as part of our organic mandate, where as many industry competitors steer to avoid this. We are incredibly excited about the acquisition of and hope that our clients perceive this as a beneficial step forwards as we continue to work hard to implement effective algorithmic trading strategies that deliver leading results.”

Sezer Sherif, Founder and CEO of Vanguard Capital AG


After some heavy restructuring over the summer months, we continue to build our portfolio of algorithms adding to new AI driven FX strategies (AI Trend and Multi-Strat FX). We are also working hard to develop our first in-house VIX volatility trading strategy and also looking to onboard an SPX vol carry extraction strategy by year-end.  As always we believe in diversification of strategy styles which is why we feel bringing some volatility based strategies will be of huge benefit to our portfolio.


It has been a busy few months for Vanguard Capital in the media, with publications such as Finance Monthly, UK Investor Magazine and Finance Derivative featuring our comments, thought-pieces and company news. The hire of Imran Lakha (Options Insight)) as Vanguard Capital’s Senior Consultant, attracted considerable press attention, including articles in  Hedge Week and UK Investor Magazine

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